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Relaxation Kit

Relaxation Kit

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Anti-stress sleep kit

Discover our relaxation duo to fight against stress, anxiety and find peaceful and calm nights.

Specially designed to offer you a moment of calm and well-being, this box will help you quickly regain serenity.

Stressed, tired, tense? This box is made for you.

Effective ingredients, 100% natural and 99.5% organic

Composed of our 2 bestsellers, this box contains:

Massage oil with essential oils 200 ml

A true ally to release tension thanks to its complex of 5 organic vegetable oils, 9 essential oils and 1200mg of CBD and CBG, this massage oil promotes relaxation and comfort while providing the skin with deep hydration.
100% plant-based and with 99.5% certified organic ingredients, this massage oil is formulated cold to preserve its active ingredients and thus provide you with maximum benefits.

CBD oil 15%, organic with French hemp

SOWÉ CBD natural oil was created for everyone's well-being. Formulated from broad-spectrum CBD extract from Cannabis Sativa L., this oil also contains 9% of CBG, CBC, numerous cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids allowing you to benefit from all the active ingredients of hemp in complete safety.

SOWÉ(s), the sandman can come by, so relax.


The benefits of CBD massage

Humans, like other mammals, have an endocannabinoid system. This means that our body produces its own molecules belonging to the cannabinoid family, called “endocannabinoids”, to distinguish them from “phytocannabinoids” which are produced by plants (including hemp) and attach to specific receptors (CB1 and CB2) to cannabinoids, interact with enzymes that synthesize and degrade these cannabinoids.

The endocannabinoid system

The endocannabinoid system plays a crucial role in maintaining the body's internal balance, a process known as homeostasis. It also contributes to the regulation of various bodily functions, including the management of pain and inflammation, the control of stress and emotions, the optimal functioning of the immune system, as well as the modulation of appetite and process digestion.

Although it is not currently authorized to make therapeutic claims regarding CBD, numerous studies (more than 10,000/year) are emerging to study the numerous benefits that these molecules would have. Research indicates that cannabinoids may also interact with other receptors in our body, such as TRP channels, which play an important role in alleviating pain. Cannabidiol (CBD) is considered a promising option in various sectors, including sports. Its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties can help the muscle recovery of high-level athletes by, for example, reducing pain linked to cramps and muscle aches due to exercise.

Relaxing essential oils

Our selection of essential oils with relaxing and relaxing properties will bring you the powerful benefits of essential aromatherapy plants.

Benefits of vegetable oils

No less than 5 organic vegetable oils cold pressed, rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and natural antioxidants will provide your skin with numerous benefits: repair, regeneration, suppleness, hydration and protection.

Ingredient list & INCI

List of ingredients for 200ml massage oil

CBD extract
  • 1,200 mg of Broad Spectrum CBD (CBD, CBG, CBC and CBN) extracted at low temperature (supercritical): muscle relaxant, anti-inflammatory, soothing, hydrating and protective
Cold-pressed organic vegetable oils
Organic essential oils
  • Ho leaves: regenerating and firming
  • Rosemary camphor: calms muscular inflammation, stimulating
  • Cinéole: helps avoid the harmful effects of external factors on the skin
  • Bigarade petitgrain
  • Lemon
  • Grapefruit: toning and purifying
  • Lavender: analgesic and purifying
  • White sage: treatment of inflammation and pain
  • Green mint: soothing

Cannabis sativa seed oil**, macadamia integrifolia seed oil*, simmondsia chinensis seed oil**, helianthus annuus seed oil*, calendula officinalis flower extract*, cannabidiol**, tocopherol, cannabigerol**, parfum*, citral, geraniol, limonene

* Certified organic raw material COSMOS by Ecocert Greenlife

List of ingredients of CBD oil 15%

INCI - International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients

Cannabis sativa seed oil*, cannabidiol*

* Certified organic raw material COSMOS by Ecocert Greenlife

Directions for use


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Natural ingredients

Say goodbye to artificial preservatives, solvents and fragrances. With SOWÉ, keep peace of mind, we take care of you.

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