Huiles visage et corps au CBD pour tous types de peaux, biologique

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Huiles précieuses, precious oils with CBD and 9 virgin vegetable oils

Skin, face, body and hair care

Precious Oil is a complete treatment for the skin - face, neck and body - and hair. It's a blend of cold-pressed organic plant oils and CBD. Six formulas have been developed to meet everyone's needs. The precious oil has multiple benefits: moisturising, protective, antioxidant, anti-ageing, sebum regulating, anti-redness, soothing and smoothing.

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Virgin and organic vegetable oils

Face, body and hair care

Our selection of 3 cold-pressed virgin oils is adapted to the needs of different skin types to meet their specific needs:

  • Organic prickly pear and argan oil for dry to very dry skin
  • Organic jojoba oil for combination or oily skin
  • Organic hemp oil for all skin types

Nutrition, hydration and regeneration are the benefits of using virgin oil for the face and body.

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Massage oils with CBD and 5 organic virgin plant oils

Body care

Our massage oils, made from cold-pressed vegetable oils for maximum active ingredients, essential oils with relaxing properties and a high concentration of cannabinoids (CBD and CBD), will help you let go and rediscover serenity.

Broad-spectrum CBD oils, virgin, organic and edible


Our organic CBD oil is a certified organic hemp oil rich in CBD (acronym for cannabidiol) to which is added an extract of CBG (cannabigerol), one of the many cannabinoids that are a natural constituent of the Cannabis Sativa L. plant known for its many benefits.

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Scented boosters for beauty care products

Fragrances with organic essential oils

Like customizable formulas, we allow you to compose products adapted to all your expectations. Then opt for our synergies of active essential oils. These blends will bring real olfactory subtlety to your treatments, in addition to the beneficial effects on your skin.

Don't hesitate, it's simple: you just need to pour the desired quantity of your booster into your treatment oil.

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Restorative care with broad-spectrum CBD

Skin care, anti imperfections, acne and eczema

This repair treatment with ultra-concentrated broad-spectrum CBD oil with 5% CBD and CBG, organic hemp oil and calendula macerate is 100% natural.

This treatment will eliminate your skin's imperfections: redness, eczema, rosacea, acne and psoriasis. Its massaging applicator will leave you feeling soothed and refreshed.