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Hair care

Natural moisturizers for healthy hair

Some of our products are multifunctional. If they hydrate your skin, they will also be perfect for your appendages, you know, these protective organs characterized by intense keratinization which we also call hair.
Discover our range of hair products: pure oil or serum composed of 9 vegetable oils and CBD isolate to rebalance Sebum production.

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Collection: Hair care products

Organic virgin oil - Moisturizing cosmetic treatment with vegetable oils

3 virgin, cold-pressed organic oils for deep hydration

Our virgin vegetable oils come from a first cold pressing process , in order to preserve the quality of their active ingredients. Whether they are jojoba, argan, castor, baobab, prickly pear, or even olive, these oils are rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and natural antioxidants to take care of your hair and of your scalp.

SOWÉ virgin and cold-pressed organic oil adapts to the needs of your skin type:

Our organic vegetable oils are for the hair, but also the face and body.

Precious oil - Beauty treatment with CBD and virgin vegetable oils

6 precious oils based on CBD and a blend of 9 non-comedogenic organic oils.

Any of these oils will provide you with hydrating, nourishing and regenerating properties that will deeply nourish the hair and scalp.

SOWÉ precious oil, fragrance-free, is a clever blend of nine cold-pressed vegetable oils from organic farming. Enjoy the benefits of macadamia nut, hemp seed, argan, baobab, hibiscus seed, calendula macerate, jojoba, pomegranate seed, prickly pear seed oils, as well as 500 mg of our most powerful active ingredient: CBD isolate or cannabidiol.

CBD has sebum-regulating properties. No more oily hair, thanks to this ingredient known for limiting excess sebum. The scalp and hair roots are rebalanced. Hair becomes soft again from roots to ends.

Our precious oils are for the hair, but also the face and body: protective, relaxing, soothing, nourishing, rejuvenating, regenerative, sebo-regulating, anti-inflammatory.

Gentlemen: nourish your beard hair with Jojoba Oil which does not leave a greasy finish.

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