Parfum huiles essentielles pour le corps et le visage

Fragrances for beauty care

Blend of organic essential oils to perfume your beauty care products

Like customizable formulas, we allow you to compose products adapted to all your expectations. Then opt for our synergies of active essential oils. These blends will bring real olfactory subtlety to your treatments, in addition to the beneficial effects on your skin.

Don't hesitate, it's simple: you just need to pour the desired quantity of your booster into your treatment oil.

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Collection: Essential oil-based fragrances to add to your cosmetic care products

Perfume your cosmetic treatments with our boosters / fragrances with essential oils

Synergy of essential oils, perfume for care

Certain SOWÉ products, such as L'huile précieuse or organic virgin vegetable oils, are designed to take care of the most sensitive skin or hair. To satisfy them and thus contribute to their well-being, we have excluded the perfume from these products.
While everyone wants to be able to apply a healthy, effective and uncompromisingly natural product to their skin or hair, others prefer a more sensual, fragrant experience and are looking for a captivating sensation.

Perfumes with essential oils, tailor-made care

Discover our blends of essential oils, perfume your treatment and enjoy the benefits of nature with three fragrances.


If you like these fragrances, in addition to adding them to your cosmetic oils, L'Huile précieuse or organic virgin vegetable oils, do not hesitate to put them in your diffuser or burner and enjoy the benefits of these synergies in the air of your home.

Quality oils

Parfum huile essentielle

Mix & Match!

Perfume your Huile Précieuse

At SOWÉ, we offer you the opportunity to personalise your skincare oil with our blends of organic essential oils. Made up of over 6 essential oils with benefits for the skin, these “scented boosters” add a subtle touch of orange blossom, lavender or ylang ylang to your beauty routine.

Here's how it works:

  1. Depending on my skin type, I choose my skin care product for the face and body (but also for the hair) based on organic virgin vegetable oil or CBD-based L'Huile Précieuse.
  2. Then I select my booster based on organic essential oil to scent my treatment
  3. And finally, I pour my fragrance into my oil. Don't hesitate, it's easy: just pour the desired amount of your fragrance into your treatment oil. You can pour the whole fragrance if you wish.

It's that easy! To find out more, visit our ‘Perfume your oil’ section.

Discover our 3 perfumes
Organic Cosmetics certification ecocert cosmos

Natural origin and COSMOS certified

100% natural ingredients

  • 100% active ingredients
  • 100% COSMOS certified by Ecocert
  • 100% natural according to ISO 16128
  • 100% French organic farming

To offer you a safe, high-quality CBD oil, we have chosen to test and analyze our oils for both their cannabinoid ratio and their microbiological suitability. Our oils are made from organic hemp seed and stalk extracts, without pesticides and without chemical fertilizers.

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Precautions for using essential oils

Essential oils are concentrated and powerful natural products. It is vital to dilute them correctly before use. Never apply pure essential oils to mucous membranes, the nose, the eyes, the ear canal, etc.

Sensitivity test

Perform a sensitivity test before using an essential oil. Apply a small diluted amount to a small area and wait 24 hours to check for any reaction.

Other precautions
  • Essential oils should not be used by children, pregnant or breast-feeding women, the elderly or people suffering from chronic illnesses.
  • Never inject essential oils intravenously or intramuscularly.
  • After massage or application to the skin, wash your hands thoroughly.
  • Use an appropriate device to diffuse essential oils.

For legal information on essential oils, visit the DGCCRF website and the Essential Oils practical information sheet.

What are the differences between vegetable oils and essential oils?

Vegetable oils and essential oils both come from nature, but they are very different in terms of composition, origin, method of production and use.

Vegetable oils are fats that nourish and protect the skin, while essential oils are concentrates of volatile substances with therapeutic properties.

Vegetable oil

They are extracted from oleaginous plants such as baobab and sunflower, or from dried fruit, seeds or flowers. They contain vitamins and fatty acids, and have nutritive, protective, softening and regenerative properties that are beneficial for the skin. They can be used or eaten pure. They can also be used as a base for diluting essential oils.

Essential oil

They are obtained from the flowers, stems, roots or leaves of plants, often by distillation. Their therapeutic properties (toning, digestive, soothing, etc.) vary according to their origin. They generally need to be diluted, for example in a vegetable oil, and can also be inhaled. Care must be taken, however, as there are contraindications to the use of essential oils, as some of their chemical components can be dangerous.

To find out more: The difference between vegetable oils and essential oils

How do I store my oil?

Store at room temperature, out of sight and reach of children, in a dry place protected from UV rays and light.
Avoid severe thermal shock.


  • Lavender oil, organic, antioxydant, healing

    Fine lavender essential oil - organic

    • Perfuming
    • Masking

    Lavender, a garden essential. Fine lavender essential oil has numerous analgesic, calming and even healing properties. It calms muscular excitement, regulates the nervous system and more.

    Fine lavender 
  • Ho wood essential oil, organic, wrinkles, purifying

    Shiu wood (Hö wood) essential oil - organic

    • Perfuming
    • Masking

    Camphor tree, a large legendary and thousand-year-old tree. Ho wood has astringent properties. It is ideal for mature skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and give radiance to the complexion. Properties similar to those of Rosewood.

    Ho leaf 
  • Rosemary essential oil, soothing, calming

    Rosemary essential oil like camphor or cineol - organic

    • Perfuming
    • Masking

    Rosemary oil and its relaxing properties. Rosemary essential oil is a multi-faceted essential oil that can accompany you on a daily basis. With its fresh scent, it soothes, tones and calms. The queen of massage.

  • Petitgrain bigarade oil, bio, relaxing, calming, acne

    Petitgrain bigarade essential oil - organic

    • Perfuming

    The bitter orange tree, bitter orange tree or Seville orange tree. The bitter orange tree is a variety of orange tree that produces bitter fruits called bigarades or bitter oranges. It has many uses in pharmacy, food and perfumery

    Petitgrain bigarade 
  • Lemon oil, antioxidant, bio, organic

    Lemon essential oil without furocoumarins - organic

    • Perfuming
    • Masking
    • Skin conditioning

    Lemon, an exceptional and protective composition. Lemon essential oil is a natural product obtained from the zest of the lemon, a citrus fruit native to the Mediterranean basin.

  • Grapefruit essential oil, stimulating, regenerative

    Grapefruit essential oil - organic

    • Perfuming
    • Masking

    Grapefruit essential oil, pure vitamin. Grapefruit essential oil is an oil extracted from the zest of grapefruit, a citrus fruit rich in vitamin C. It has antiseptic, toning, digestive and healing properties.

  • Clary sage, essential oil, regenerating

    Clary sage essential oil - organic

    • Perfuming
    • Masking

    Clary sage. Clary sage essential oil is an aromatic extract obtained by steam distillation of the aerial parts of the plant. It has hormonal, calming and healing effects.

    Clary sage 
  • Spearmint oil, bio, calming, purifying

    Spearmint essential oil - organic

    • Perfuming
    • Masking

    Mint, an essential aromatic plant. Spearmint essential oil has many beneficial properties for the skin and general health. Spearmint essential oil stimulates and invigorates body and mind. Fresh smell

  • ylang ylanh essential oil, sebum reulator

    Ylang-ylang essential oil - organic

    • Masking
    • Perfuming

    Ylang-ylang, the flower of flowers. Ylang Ylang essential oil has many health benefits, particularly to combat stress and anxiety. Ylang Ylang is known for its powerful smell.

  • Bergamote essential oil, bio, regenerating

    Bergamot essential oil - organic

    • Perfuming
    • Masking

    Bergamot tree, the Lord's Pear tree. Bergamot is a yellow citrus fruit, pear-shaped, which has a very acidic pulp and a fragrant skin. It is used in perfumery, cooking and herbal medicine.

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