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CBD promotional gift set for your well-being

Relaxation box, anti-imperfection duo or sportsman's kit. Discover our wellness essentials at a reduced price.

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Collection: Promotional kit

Promotional sets consisting of two products for internal and external care

Skin problems, sleep, stress, or muscle tension? Our 3 duo boxes will help you and allow you to save money.

Sports Box

Kit for muscle inflammation and pain

Discover our fitness box for athletes... and others.
This kit of 2 products will help you relieve muscle and joint tension. A complete solution to take care of you.
Carefully designed, SOWÉ offers you a natural and effective solution to find a body in great shape.

Stop Acne Box

Care kit for acne-prone skin

Skin with imperfections and acne-prone skin can be characterized by excess sebum, pimples, blackheads, etc.
Discover our anti-acne box with external and internal treatments based on CBD to restore the skin barrier and reduce skin imperfections.

Relaxation Box

Anti-stress and sleep kit

Discover our relaxation duo to fight against stress, anxiety and find peaceful and calm nights.
Specially designed to offer you a moment of calm and well-being, this box will help you quickly regain serenity.
Stressed, tired, tense? This box is made for you.

To offer or not, these boxes contain our essentials for well-being.

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