Macadamia oil moisturizing, healing

Macadamia nut oil

Macadamia nut oil is a vegetable oil rich in palmitoleic acid, which is a cell-protecting monounsaturated fatty acid. Excellent for fragile or damaged skin and hair

Macadamia nuts, the fattest nut

The macadamia nut, or Queensland nut, was discovered thousands of years ago by the Aborigines. Today, the oil extracted from Macadamia integrifolia nuts comes from Australia, Hawaii and also Kenya. Only a tropical climate will allow their production. The nuts are covered with a green covering which splits to reveal the brown shell when ripe.

This nut looks like a large hazelnut. It is very popular savory as an aperitif or in chocolate and desserts. Macadamia oil has a fluid, light, dry, penetrating texture, with a subtle hazelnut odor.

Manufacturing of macadamia oil

In an endless screw press, the nuts removed from their shells are first pressed cold, without any intervention of solvent or chemical product. Then the oil is successively filtered on blotting paper. The oil is then stored away from light and heat.

Properties of macadamia oil

Moisturizing properties for the skin

Macadamia nut oil is a vegetable oil rich in palmitoleic acid, which is a cell-protecting monounsaturated fatty acid. It is therefore excellent for fragile and damaged skin. It is also an excellent vector for absorption of essential oils, penetrates the skin cells without leaving an oily film, and deeply nourishes the skin. In addition, it is effective in protecting the skin against external aggressions and in gently soothing the skin.
It can be applied to fragile skin to treat stretch marks, chapped skin and scars. Very fluid, it immediately penetrates the skin without leaving a greasy film.

Property for acne

Thanks to its richness in palmitoleic acid, which is naturally present in human sebum, Macadamia vegetable oil prevents the overproduction of sebum and exerts a welcome antibacterial action for acne-prone skin.

Properties for hair

Macadamia vegetable oil is an effective hair care product for your hair. It nourishes and strengthens them by forming a protective film on the hair fiber. It thus protects your hair from damage caused by the sun, wind, sand, colors, etc. It also hydrates the hair and scalp thanks to its high content of oleic and palmitoleic acid. It also promotes local capillary microcirculation by stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation. It is particularly suitable for hair damaged by coloring, because it acts deeply without weighing down or greasing the hair.

Fatty acid composition

  • palmitoleic acid (omega 7 MUFA): 18 to 28%
  • palmitic acid (AGS): 5 to 11%
  • stearic acid (SFA): 3 to 6%
  • oleic acid (omega 9 MUFA): 50 to 60%
  • unsaponifiable: ≤ 0.5%

Macadamia oil INCI name and functions

Macadamia integrifolia seed oil

    • Skin conditioning - Maintains skin in good condition

SOWÉ Botanic Lab's quality commitments

The organic macadamia oil we use is certified COSMOS by Ecocert

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