SOWÉ Botanic Lab is certified Slow Cosmétique

SOWÉ Botanic rhymes with Slow Cosmétique

Since 2013, the Slow Cosmétique label has certified natural beauty brands. This label advocates for ethical and ecological cosmetics.

As consumption patterns evolve, natural beauty product brands are multiplying and gaining more and more popularity. According to 2023 figures, 1 in 2 French people bought organic cosmetics and hygiene products in the last twelve months. Consequently, it becomes increasingly complex to navigate through all the existing designations: organic, natural, vegan, ecological, etc. It is therefore essential to guard against potential greenwashing. This is the challenge of the "Slow Cosmétique" association and its eponymous label, which now lists more than 330 brands. Including SOWÉ Botanic Lab since 2024.

What is Slow Cosmétique?

Slow Cosmetics

"To popularise and raise public awareness of healthy natural cosmetics." This was the primary objective set by the Slow Cosmétique association when creating a label that rewards and certifies brands of natural and ethical beauty and skincare products.

Inspired by the international "Slow Food" movement, which historically opposed the establishment of "fast food" in the heart of the Italian capital in the 1980s, these two movements advocate for more authentic, meaningful, and healthier consumption.

Thanks to the Slow Cosmétique Label®, consumers know that a brand offers products with clean formulas and reasonable marketing.

Understanding the Slow Cosmétique Label

Attempting to define Slow Cosmétique in a few words is no easy task, as the concept is multifaceted. It is both an advocacy association, a rich bibliography, and also a label that distinguishes committed brands according to specific criteria. Its mission is to counteract all marketing manipulations. "There is a lot of greenwashing in cosmetics, somewhat misleading claims about the real nature of things," laments Julien Kaibeck, the association's founder. Therefore, a way had to be found to valorise these French and international natural cosmetic brands and products. "The label thus emerged from the desire to create an honest reference in the aisles for a more reasoned consumption, adhering to a charter of healthy formulation and responsible marketing," continues Julien.

A movement that originated and is headquartered in Belgium in 2012 but certifies brands worldwide. Today, out of some 330 brands, over 80% are French SMEs. This is largely due to the fact that France has the highest number of natural cosmetic product brands thanks to its heritage.

Thanks to the Slow Cosmétique label, consumers know that a specific brand sells clean and natural products and promotes them responsibly. Similar to the prestigious AAA or Michelin guides for restaurants, the Slow Cosmétique association certifies exceptional cosmetic brands that prioritize health and authenticity at the core of their commercial and production practices. Like SOWÉ Botanic Lab.

SOWÉ Botanic Lab - Slow cosmetics

The 4 Principles and Values of Slow Cosmétique

Since 2013, the Slow Cosmétique label has been awarded after a comprehensive and independent examination of a list of criteria covering ingredients, manufacturing techniques, packaging, and formulation. It is the only label that includes evaluation criteria on a brand's claims and marketing.

All these points can be found in the official Slow Cosmétique Charter and in the technical reference derived from it. The charter is more of an aspirational document written by volunteer consumers of the association. It is reviewed every two to three years by the committee of wise individuals composed of professionals.

Ecological Cosmetics

To be certified by Slow Cosmétique, a brand must minimize its ecological impact from the conception of its products to their commercialization. Major known cosmetics brands, known as "conventional," using petroleum or even phenoxyethanol, obviously cannot obtain the Slow Cosmétique label.

Healthy Cosmetics

No animal testing. Organic or natural cosmetics, as understood by the Slow Cosmétique movement, are developed in respect of life and its cycle without causing long-term toxic disturbances.

Intelligent Cosmetics

Slow Cosmétique still needs to meet the expectations of consumers and beauty product enthusiasts of all kinds. Useful, effective products in every way, based on noble ingredients and resources from biodiversity.

Reasonable Cosmetics

Just because a practice is legal doesn't mean it's necessarily fair. This is the case with marketing. For example, it is perfectly legal to call a "chamomile shampoo" a shampoo that only contains the aroma. The Slow Cosmétique label considers that this shampoo must contain at least an extract to claim this designation.

A Slow Cosmétique certified brand is one that sets fair prices, reflecting the true quality of its formulation and service. It promotes ancestral and traditional know-how with respect to ethics.