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What dosage of CBD oil should you choose?

Not as easy as it might seem, we agree. Especially as there is no official dosage recommended by the European Commission as there is for other food supplements.

In any case, it is best to start with small doses and gradually increase the amount to find the right dosage.

The approach proposed here is already standard practice. You need to take into account your weight. 

The basis for determining the appropriate dose of CBD is :

Take 1 mg to 6 mg of CBD per 5 kilos of body mass as needed.

  • Your body mass is 50 kilos: Mild effect = 30 mg / day. 
  • Your body mass is 60 kilos: Medium effect = 48 mg / day
  • Your body mass is 70 kilos: Strong effect = 84 mg / day. 

Each bottle contains 200 drops of oil and the amount of CBD in mg per drop is stated in the description of the oils, look it up ( here)  

You can then calculate the number of drops needed according to your needs.  

For example, with a 20% oil containing 200 drops of 10 mg each, and a weight of 60 kilos, you will need to take 3 drops in the morning and 3 drops in the evening for a medium effect. (the bottle will then last 33 days)  

In conclusion, a consumption between 20 mg and 160 mg of CBD per day (as recommended by the EIHA) seems to be the standard. You may need to make adjustments until you find your perfect dosage. 

In any case, start with small doses and gradually increase.  

If you're not sure, simply use our CBD oil concentration calculator

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