Perfume your oil

Mix & Match!

  1. Depending on my skin type, I choose my skin care for the face and body (but also the hair) based on organic virgin vegetable oil or based on CBD with L'huile précieuse
  2. Then I select my booster made of organic essential oil to perfume my care

Step 1: Choose your oil

A virgin and organic vegetable oil

  • Organic prickly pear and argan oil for dry to very dry skin
  • Organic jojoba oil for mixed or oily skin
  • Organic hemp oil for all skin types
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Or a beauty oil with CBD

  • L'huile précieuse n°1 for all skin types
  • L'huile précieuse n°2 for young, normal to dry skin
  • L'huile précieuse n°3 for young, mixed to oily skin
  • L'huile précieuse n°4 for mature, normal to dry skin
  • L'huile précieuse n°5 for mature, mixed to oily skin
  • L'huile précieuse n°6 for sensitive skin with problems
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Step 2: Choose your perfume

A blend of organic essential oils

  • Neroli or orange blossom essential oil
  • Ylang ylang essential oil
  • Lavender essential oil
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Step 3: I pour my perfume into my oil

Don't hesitate, it's simple: just pour the desired amount of your perfume into your care oil.

You can pour all of the perfume if you wish.