Patchouli (essential oil)

Nom latin: Pogostemon cablin.

Actifs: Healing, Purifying, Regenerating, Toning, Anti-inflammatory.


Patchouli comes from a tropical plant from Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. It is an aromatic herb whose essential oil is produced from its leaves. In fact, the plant itself has no odour; it is only after fermentation that its leaves develop this particular fragrance.


Patchouli essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of its leaves.


Patchouli is known for its regenerative, purifying and healing effects. It treats acne and eczema and is very effective against wrinkles and fine lines. Patchouli essential oil is used in perfumery for its aphrodisiac scent, but also in cosmetics, massage oils and haircare products.

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