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Petitgrain bigarade essential oil

The bitter orange tree is a variety of orange tree that produces bitter fruits called bigarades or bitter oranges. It has many uses in pharmacy, food and perfumery

The bitter orange tree, bitter orange tree or Seville orange tree

Bigarade petitgrain or bitter orange petitgrain comes from the leaves of the bitter orange tree, a tree native to Asia. The bitter orange tree is present in France, Italy, Egypt but also in Morocco.

We call petitgrain, petitgrain essential oil or petitgrain essence the essential oil obtained from the leaves and branches of different citrus fruits: bitter orange petitgrain, mandarin petitgrain, orange petitgrain, lemon tree, bergamot tree, kaffir lime, etc. The most sought after and most manufactured small grain is that of sour orange. Those from lemon, mandarin and bergamot trees are produced in small quantities, while small grapefruit and sweet orange seeds are uncommon.

Manufacturing of petitgrain bigarade essential oil

Petitgrain bitter orange essential oil comes from the steam distillation of fresh leaves and small branches of the bitter orange tree. Petit grain, also written petitgrain, is a distillate of young leafy twigs and emerging citrus fruits. The flowers of these young branches have already produced very young, intensely fragrant fruits which are the size of small grains.

Note the steam distillation of bitter orange flowers Citrus aurantium gives neroli essential oil. And the distillation of the fruit peels gives the sweet orange essential oil.

Properties of petitgrain bigarade essential oil

Properties of petit grain bigarade essential oil on the skin and hair

  • Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and healing. It protects the skin from aging, infections, irritations and injuries.
  • Moisturizing, regenerating and toning. It deeply hydrates the skin, stimulates collagen production and strengthens skin elasticity.
  • Relaxing, soothing and anti-stress. It calms states of nervousness, anxiety and agitation. It promotes sleep and fights against insomnia.
  • Antispasmodic and stimulating. It relieves muscle spasms, cramps, stomach aches, palpitations and respiratory problems.
  • Regulator and revitalizer. It regulates sebum production, whether on the skin or scalp. It nourishes and repairs dry, brittle or damaged hair. It gives volume and shine to fine hair.

Petitgrain bigarade essential oil INCI name and functions

Citrus aurantium amara

    • Perfuming - Used for perfume and aromatic raw materials

SOWÉ Botanic Lab's quality commitments

The organic petitgrain bigarade essential oil we use is certified COSMOS by Ecocert

Precaution for use

Essential oils are concentrated and potent natural products. It is crucial to dilute them properly before use. Never apply pure essential oils to mucous membranes, the nose, eyes, the ear canal, etc.

Sensitivity test: Perform a sensitivity test before using an essential oil. Apply a small diluted amount to a small area and wait for 24 hours to check for any reaction.

The use of essential oils is not recommended for children, pregnant or breastfeeding women, elderly individuals, and those suffering from chronic conditions.

Never inject essential oils intravenously or intramuscularly.After a massage or topical application, thoroughly wash your hands.

Use an appropriate device to diffuse an essential oil.

To consult legal information about essential oils, visit the DGCCRF website and the practical sheet on essential oils.

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