Hibiscus oil, organic, bio, antioxydant

Hibiscus oil

Hibiscus oil is rich in tocopherols, which gives it vitamin and antioxidant properties. It is traditionally used in body and hair care.

Hibiscus, a plant with benefits known for millennia

Hibiscus is a shrub of the Malvaceae family present in Africa, India and Asia, reaching 5 m high and bearing colorful flowers. The dried and then infused red flowers are consumed as a drink (bissap, what a delight!) or as a jam. Very rich in anthocyanins, they have fortifying nutritional properties.
Chalices are used for their coloring properties in the food industry. They are also used in traditional medicine for hypertension, liver disorders and as a tonic. The seeds contain 20% edible oil and when pressed they produce a rich, moisturizing oil.

Manufacturing of hibiscus oil

The oil is obtained by first cold pressing from seeds containing approximately 20% oil.
Hibiscus oil has a content of 81% unsaturated fatty acids and 55% essential fatty acids.

Properties of hibiscus oil

Hibiscus seed oil is a vegetable oil that has many benefits for the beauty of skin and hair.

Properties of hibiscus oil for the skin

  • Hibiscus seed oil is rich in vitamin E, phytosterols and omega-6, which are natural antioxidants. They help fight free radicals, responsible for skin aging, and preserve the suppleness and tone of the skin.
  • Hibiscus seed oil contains mucilage, a substance that hydrates the skin and strengthens its ability to retain water. It also soothes skin irritations and inflammations.
  • Hibiscus seed oil has regenerating and nourishing properties, thanks to its essential fatty acid content. It promotes wound healing, repair of damaged tissues and prevention of stretch marks.

Properties and benefits of hibiscus oil on hair

  • Hibiscus seed oil stimulates blood circulation to the scalp, thereby preventing hair loss and stimulating the growth of hair follicles. Hair is strengthened and appears healthier.
  • Hibiscus seed oil adds volume to fine hair and gives it shine.
  • Hibiscus seed oil nourishes and moisturizes hair that is dry, brittle or damaged by coloring, perming or the sun.
  • Hibiscus seed oil protects hair from external aggressions, such as pollution, wind or cold.

Hibiscus oil INCI name and functions

Hibiscus sabdariffa seed oil

    • Emollient - Softens and smoothes the skin

SOWÉ Botanic Lab's quality commitments

The organic hibiscus oil we use is certified COSMOS by Ecocert

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