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The "Take It Easy" kit

The "Take It Easy" kit

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Stressed out? Need to relax?  On edge?

Take it easy

Thanks to the combination of our essential oils, botanical oils, hemp and cannabidiol, calm and relaxation are within reach.

This kit includes 3 Sowé products including :

-  CBD Oil 15% (10ml) 
- Massage Oil (100 ml). This one is a gift - you don't pay for it
- The Booster Relax with essential oils scented with Rosemary. That's 2 gifts ;)


Relax with Sowé. 

Caution : The Booster can be added to Massage Oil and/or Huile Précieuse ONLY


Ingredient list

<p>Our ingredients are all natural and organically grown. Most of them are Ecocert certified.</p>

<p><strong>L&#39;huile de massage :&nbsp;</strong></p>

<p>Hemp oil - macadamia oil - argan oil - calendula macerate - jojoba oil - cannabidiol (1200mg)</p>

<p><strong>The Booster Relax :</strong></p>

<p>Lemon essential oil (furocoumarin free) - Lavender essential oil - Spearmint essential oil - Petitgrain bigarade essential oil - Grapefruit essential oil (furocoumarin free) - Rosemary essential oil (cineol type) - Rosemary essential oil (camphor type) - Oak leaf essential oil (linalool type) - Clary sage</p>

<p><strong>L&#39;huile CBD medium 15% :&nbsp;</strong><br />
Hemp oil - cannabidiol Broad Spectrum (1500mg) . 100% Ecocert</p>



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