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The "Bonne Nuit" kit

The "Bonne Nuit" kit

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Restless night? Insomnia?  Waking up at night? 

Sleep is health. 

Discover our "Bonne Nuit" kit to use without moderation from morning to night. Better yet: simply until you run out. 

Thanks to the combination of our essential oils, plant-based oils, hemp and cannabidiol, calmness and rest are within reach. 

This kit includes 4 Sowé products including : 

- CBD Oil 10% (10ml) 
- Massage Oil (100 ml) 
- Face Oil - Huile Précieuse n°6 (50ml)
- The Booster Renew with essential oils perfumed with Ylang Ylang

- The Booster Relax with essential oils scented with rosemary to be integrated into your Massage Oil

Phew, the sandman can pass, relax!

Caution : The Booster can be added to Massage Oil and/or Huile Précieuse face oil ONLY


Ingredient list

<p>Our ingredients are all natural and organically grown. Most of them are Ecocert certified.</p>

<p><br />
<strong>L&#39;huile de massage :&nbsp;</strong><br />
Hemp oil -&nbsp; Macadamia oil - Argan oil&nbsp;- Calendula macerate - Jojoba oil&nbsp;- Cannabidiol (1200mg)&nbsp;</p>

<p><br />
<strong>Booster Relax :</strong>&nbsp;<br />
Sweet orange&nbsp;- PDO Fine lavender - Ylang Ylang 3 - Patchouli - Bergamot&nbsp;(bergapten free), shiu (bois de H&ocirc;) - Green mandarin - Sandalwood new Caledonia - Cloves - Cumin - Vetiver</p>


<p><strong>L&#39;huile pr&eacute;cieuse n&deg;6 :</strong>&nbsp;<br />
Calendula macerate - Hemp oil - Jojoba oil - Argan oil - Baobab oil - Macadamia oil - Hibiscus oil - Prickly pear oil - Natural cannabis extract - Sunflower</p>

<p><br />
<strong>L&#39;huile CBD medium&nbsp;10% :&nbsp;</strong><br />
Hemp oil - Cannabidiol Broad Spectrum (1000mg)</p>



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