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Our story

Sowé was born from the fusion of two worlds - the French heritage of botanical beauty and the rapidly evolving Portuguese biotechnology.

Our vision

Thien Doan and Loic Steinbach are two French entrepreneurs who moved to Lisbon to create a brand that reflects their personality.

Driven by the desire to create a brand that resembles them and seduced by the idea of offering exceptional products of plant origin with powerful active ingredients, they decided to create more than a brand, a state of mind: Sowé for Soul & Wellness.


Not far from Paris, Loïc grew up on the edge of a forest. A forest in which he often ventures, alone, with his family, with friends. A forest that quickly became a haven of peace, far from the tumult of the city.

One day, he fell in love with Montreal and settled there to develop a French cosmetics brand with great success. And then one day, Portugal became his new home and his new wonderland. The sea, the mountains, the sun.... Si senhor!


From a very early age, his mother taught him to love nature, to listen to it, to smell it, to taste it, to respect it, to observe it. When he grew up, he went to business school, joined a large group (marketing director of Orange Dominicana), and then set up his own business, founding start-ups, guided by an entrepreneurial passion that has followed him since he was a child.

Thien clearly likes movement. And the stamps on his passport can testify to that. With a two-year trip by camper van from Canada to Tierra del Fuego among his assets, he shows his curiosity as much through his travels as through his professional projects.