Bergamote sans bergaptène, huile essentielle, Cosmétique vegan CBD

Bergamot Bergapten Free (essential oil)


The bergamot orange has been cultivated mainly in the Calabria region of Italy since the 18th century. There are different versions of its origins, but it is probably a hybrid of the bitter orange and the lemon.


Bergamot essential oil without bergapten comes from the steam distillation of bergamot essential oil, obtained by expression (cold pressing) of the fruit peel.


Bergamot is a very acidic citrus fruit, between the lime and the bitter orange with a peel loaded with active principles. Bergamot without bergapten is used in cosmetics to regulate sebum secretion while purifying and regenerating the skin. Its essential oil is ideal for all types of skin, particularly combination to oily skin and skin with a tendency to acne.

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