Améliorez votre skincare routine en profitant des bénéfices du CBD grâce à L'huile précieuse Sowé

Huile Précieuse Face Oil, an essential to add to your skincare routine

Huile Précieuse face oil from Sowé is carefully formulated and developed from nine oils and cannabidiol (CBD). Thanks to this clever blend, you can enjoy the benefits of cold-pressed plant-based oils from organic farming and 99.8% pure CBD isolate in one product.

What are cold-pressed oils and why are they better for your skin?

Cold-pressed oils have amazing benefits for your skin and health and are a growing trend in the cosmetic industry. The added value of these oils for skincare begins with the extraction process which is a mechanical extraction and does not involve either heat or chemical extraction, thus requiring less energy and being more environmentally friendly. The oils that result from this type of extraction are richer in nutrients and high quality. By using cold-pressed oils, you can benefit from a higher level of lipophilic phytochemicals such as antioxidants, more nutritive properties, and more fatty acid content than refined oils.

The other type of oil that you might encounter in your oil research is refined oil. These oils need to go through an extra step (chemical and physical refining) to purify or refine the purification of the oil to get a more acceptable appearance (limpidity), a lighter odour and colour, and longer stability. The problem is that in the process most of the essential nutrients and benefits of the oil are lost, and the extra energy consumption to make an oil more commercial is very concerning. 

At Sowé, we only use certified cold-pressed organic oils for our formulation due to their wide usage benefits and high-quality formulation possibilities. This guarantees that the products deliver the real benefits of the natural plant-based oils we are using, combine well and are sustainable from the source. Also, as an environmentally friendly brand, we choose our oils from fair trade suppliers to feed the natural production cycle. You can find all our ingredients in detail in our Library.

Why use CBD in our cosmetic products?

99.8% pure CBD isolate provides amazing benefits to the skin when used regularly. CBD has been proven to be an incredible antioxidant targeting oxidative stress and a highly effective sebostatic agent capable of balancing the skin's sebum production and preventing the proliferation of bacteria. This makes CBD a great ingredient for various skin conditions including skin with a tendency to acne. In addition, CBD has also been shown to help reduce inflammation caused by acne problems, providing a much more pleasant experience for the user.

It also has a calming and soothing effect that leads to a more even complexion, reduces redness, moisturises the skin and relieves sensitivities, all of which make it very compelling as an anti-ageing care ritual to help fade wrinkles and fine lines. For more information, you can check our article CBD to take care of your skin.

How to incorporate Huile Précieuse face oil into your skincare routine?

With all these benefits, we can't help but want to start using it in our daily skincare routines and that’s why we want to share with you some tips on how to incorporate Huile Précieuse into your current routine:

Tip n°1: After cleansing your skin, apply around 5 drops of any L'huile précieuse of your choice in your hands and gently press the oil into your skin, avoiding the eye area. You can apply your daily moisturiser after or leave your skin with just the oil.

Tip n°2: Take your skincare routine to the next level and make your own skincare ritual by softly massaging L'huile précieuse into your face with upward motions as shown here.


Facial massage to put your product, skincare, face care

Tip n°3: You can also upgrade your skincare moisturiser by adding 1-2 drops of Huile Précieuse to the amount you want to apply on your skin. To carefully control the amount of oil you are adding to your cream, place a small amount of your cream in your hand, add 1-2 drops of oil and mix gently until both products are well combined. Apply the product on your face until fully absorbed.

To help you better incorporate this precious ingredient into your skincare routine let's go back to the standard recommended steps for a complete morning and night skincare routine, feel free to do what feels better to your skin:


To enrich your skincare routine with Huile Précieuse we recommend that you use Huile Précieuse n°3 for the morning routine and use Huile Précieuse n°1 for the night routine, replacing the serum, or you can alternate days with your usual serum and  Huile Précieuse. You can also use Huile Précieuse n°3 as a complement to the night cream.

How to choose Huile Précieuse for your skin?

As for Huile Précieuse, you will find 6 different blends to choose from, all of them containing CBD, so feel free to select the one that is precieuse to you and prepare to enjoy its amazing benefits. If you feel indulgent or are seeking additional nourishment, you can also try to add our boosters to Huile Précieuse for a more sensuous and relaxing ritual. Take this test to know which Huile Précieuse face oil suits your skin best.



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