White Sage

Nom latin: Salvia sclarea

Actifs: Calms and soothes skin


An herbaceous, biennial plant, white sage has quadrangular stems that, when grown properly, can grow up to 1.50 meters tall and is aromatic and fragrant. Its flowers range in color from pink to blue, and its grey-green leaves are not only aromatic but also aesthetically pleasing.



The blooming tops of the white sage are steam-distilled to produce the best essential oil, which has a high ester concentration. Many essential oils contain esters as natural components. They have been regarded as having soothing qualities and soft acts.



One of the most calming, and balancing essential oils, white sage oil is mostly composed of linalyl acetate, which belongs to the esters group. The Clary Sage plant was widely used to calm skin during the Middle Ages. White sage essential oil can help create a soothing atmosphere and aid in deep sleep when used internally.

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