Nom latin: Mentha piperita

Actifs: Anti-bacterial, antiseptic, immune system stimulant, physical tonic.


Aniba rosaeodora, a rosewood tree, is a member of the Lauraceae family and is indigenous to the Amazon and Guyana. Its wood is robust, compact, and durable with a fine-grained, aromatic, pinkish hue. Several species of the Dalbergia genus, which also contains rosewoods, are utilized in woodworking and fragrance. Dalbergia nigra is the native rosewood of Brazil. Fabaceae is a different family that contains wood species that are known as rosewood. Pterocarpus indicus, which refers to rosewood from Burma, is one example of this. Malvaceae member Thespesia populnea is also known as rosewood.



Wood processed by steam distillation of wood chips is the productive organ. Five kilograms of essential oil are produced for every 100 kilograms of plant material, or about 5% of the total yield.



Rosewood essential oil is the skin's best friend. It is a potent tissue regenerator that also firms, accentuates, softens, and gets rid of stretch scars, wrinkles, eczema, acne, and other skin conditions. It works wonders as a lymphatic tonic. It strengthens immune defenses and possesses anti-infectious, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral effects due to its high linalool content. Additionally, it is calming and antispasmodic.

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