Macadamia (nuts oil)

Nom latin: Macadamia Ternifolia.

Actifs: Nourishing, Softening, Firming, Repairing.


The oil extracted from Macadamia integrifolia nuts comes from a tropical tree in Australia, Hawaii and also Kenya. It can only be produced in a tropical climate. The nuts are covered with a green shell which splits to reveal the brown hull when ripe.


In a worm press, the nuts, once they have been stripped of their shells, are pressed in a first cold press, without the use of any solvent or chemical product. The oil is then successively filtered on blotting paper. The oil is then stored away from light and heat.


Macadamia nut oil with over 18% palmitoleic acid has restructuring, moisturising, nourishing and softening properties. It can be applied to fragile skin in the treatment of stretch marks, chapped skin and scars. Very fluid, it penetrates the skin immediately without leaving a greasy film.