Fine lavender (essential oil)

Nom latin: Lavandula angustifolia ssp. angustifolia.

Actifs: Regenerating, Purifying, Repairing, Anti-inflammatory, Healing.


Lavender was discovered in the western Mediterranean region. Used since Antiquity by the Romans for its therapeutic and olfactory virtues, this shrub of the Labiatae family is 50cm tall. It is the corolla-shaped purple flowers that are prized by man... and bees.


The essential oil of fine lavender comes from the steam distillation of its flowering tops. In order to lose the excess water, the harvest must be dried before distillation (a prefanage) for 1-2 days.


Externally, fine lavender has been shown to be effective against eczema, acne, minor burns and psoriasis. It is also used to relieve muscle and joint pain. Lavender promotes wound healing and treats minor skin conditions.

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