Prickly pear (seeds oil)

Nom latin: Opuntia ficus-indica.

Actifs: Anti-wrinkle, Protecting, Regenerating, Softening, Skin toning.


The prickly pear, also known as the "cactus pear", is a fleshy berry produced by the prickly pear and the prickly pear. These plants have become naturalized around the Mediterranean, in the Rhone Valley, throughout Africa and in Australia.  The prickly pear has an important place in Mexican mythology. It is notably the symbol of the heart of the victims of human sacrifice.


Extract obtained by filtration after long maceration and agitation of the plant in organic argan oil.


Considered one of the most expensive oils in the world, prickly pear seed oil offers three to four times the benefits of argan oil. The high concentration of vitamin E is higher than any other oil on the market (over 100 mg/100g compared to 65 mg/100g in argan oil) making it a powerful antioxidant. Its oil is often used in cosmetics for its moisturising properties. Its richness in fatty acids, vitamin E and sterols enables it to fight against the harmful effect of free radicals. This oil is often used in the composition of moisturising creams for the face. Its anti-oxidant effect also makes it a useful ingredient in the composition of anti-dark circle or anti-wrinkle products.

Certified by ECOCERT SAS (F-32600)

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