Lemon (essential oil)

Nom latin: Citrus limon.

Actifs: Revitalising, Antioxidant, Skin tonic, Purifying, Balancing.

Botany :

Lemon is the fruit of the lemon tree, a shrub of the Rutaceae family. The essential oil is extracted from its peel. Indeed, the lemon peel, often neglected, is nevertheless a precious source of active ingredients when consumed in an adequate way.


Lemon essential oil is obtained by expression (cold pressing) of the fresh peel of the fruit.

Properties :

Lemon peel contains flavonoids, antioxidants (vitamin A, C, E), and certain trace elements such as zinc, copper and selenium. The lemon peel is recommended to fight against oxidative stress. The mesocarp, its main active component, is used in the treatment of cancer, as it slows down the growth of certain tumours and metastases. It is also an antiseptic with rejuvenating and astringent properties.

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