Baobab (oil)

Nom latin: Adonsonia.

Actifs: Softening, Nourishing, Soothing, Skin protecting, Regenerating.


The baobab is a tropical tree from the Bombacaceaes family, native to Africa. The tree has a characteristic, long-lived appearance with a bulbous trunk and soft, waterlogged wood. Some are thousands of years old. It is usually very massive and can reach 25m in height and over 12m in diameter with a crown of irregular, leafless branches 9 months out of 12. Adansonia digitata has a unique botanical feature in the Adansonia genus: white hanging flowers, unlike other species with upright flowers. The smooth grey fibrous bark, which is sometimes irregularly tuberculated, is used to make ropes and cordage. The fruit of the baobab (also called monkey bread) is oblong, about 100mm in diameter and 200mm long. It contains small seeds with a sour taste that can be pressed to obtain oil.


In a screw press, the healthy and cleaned seeds are pressed in a first cold press, without any solvent or chemical intervention. The oil is then successively filtered on blotting paper. The oil is then stored away from light and heat.


Emollient and softening, baobab oil penetrates very easily and leaves your skin feeling particularly soft. It contains numerous tocopherols (like its neighbour argan oil). In its unsaponifiable matter, we find cyclopropenic acids, which are certainly the source of this anti-inflammatory activity.

Certified by ECOCERT SAS (F-32600)

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