Find out more about all the ingredients you can find in our Sowé cosmetic and nutraceutical products, their origin, production and properties. Plant-based oils, essential oils and cannabidiol.

Latin name: Argania spinosa.

Properties: Softening, Toning, Regenerating, Protecting, Nourishing._

Botany: The argan tree is a thorny tree with edible fruit and an oleaginous kernel on the arid hills of Morocco.

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Latin name: Adonsonia.

Properties: Softening, Nourishing, Soothing, Skin protecting, Regenerating._

Botany: From Africa, the baobab is a tropical tree of the Bombacaceae family. Long-lived, some are thousands of years old...

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Latin name: Citrus bergamia.

Properties: Skin antiseptic, Sebum regulating, Purifying, Astringent, Regenerating._

Botany: The bergamot orange is a fruit that is probably a hybrid of the bitter orange and lemon.

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Latin name: Cinnamomum camphora CT linalol.

Properties: Regenerating, Radiant skin, Astringent, Purifying, Anti-wrinkle._

Botany: Native to Asia, the camphor tree is widespread in other continents, allowing to produce different essential oils....

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Latin name: Calendula officinalis.

Properties: Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant, Soothing, Repairing, Softening._

Botany: Calendula, with its yellow flowers, is called "the bride of the sun" because it follows its movements.....

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Latin name: Cannabidiol.

Properties: Moisturising, Protective, Sebum regulating, Antioxidant, Healing, Anti-acne, Anti-ageing._

Chemistry: CBD isolate is an CBD extract CBD excluding other cannabinoids. We are using a 99% concentration, w/o THC...

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Latin name: Cannabidiol.

Properties: Anti-inflammatory, Soothing, Antioxidant, Sleep quality, Muscle recovery, Relaxing._

Chemistry: Broad-spectrum CBD also includes all cannabinoids, terpenes and other cannabis substances, without THC....

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Latin name: Cannabis Sativa.

Properties: Skin regenerating, Soothing, Hydrating, Softening, Antioxidant._

Botany: Hemp belongs to the Cannabinaceae family, genus cannabis. The most known and is the Cannabis Sativa.

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Latin name: Citrus limon.

Properties: Revitalising, Antioxidant, Skin tonic, Purifying, Balancing._

Botany: The lemon peel is often neglected but is a valuable source of active ingredients when consumed in the right way.....

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Latin name: Opuntia ficus-indica.

Properties: Anti-wrinkle, Protecting, Regenerating, Softening, Skin toning._

Botany: The prickly pear, also known as opuntia or «cactus pear» is a berry from the Indian fig opuntia, a cactus plant.....

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Latin name: Punica granatum.

Properties: Soothing, Firming, Anti-inflammatory, Regenerating, Antioxidant._

Botany: The pomegranate tree is a small tree that can live for hundreds of years. One fruit can have up to 400seeds in it...

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Latin name: Hibiscus rosa-sinensis.

Properties: Protecting, Repairing, Nourishing, Rich in vitamin E, Soothing._

Botany: The hibiscus is a shrub of the Malvaceae family in Africa and Asia that can grow up to 5m in height.

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Latin name: Simmondsia chinensis.

Properties: Sebum regulating, Protecting, Moisturising, Softening, Soothing, Regenerating._

Botany: Jojoba is a thick, bushy shrub from arid and semi-arid regions. It can grow up to 5 metres in height.

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Latin name: Lavandula angustifolia ssp. angustifolia.

Properties: Regenerating, Purifying, Repairing, Anti-inflammatory, Healing._

Botany: Used in Antiquity by the Romans for its therapeutic and olfactory virtues, this small shrub measures up to 50cm.....

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Latin name: Macadamia Ternifolia.

Properties: Nourishing, Soothing, Skin firming, Repairing, Skin protecting._

Botany: The macadamia nut comes from a tree in Australia, Hawaii and Kenya. A tropical climate allows its production...

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Latin name: Citrus aurantium var. amara.

Properties: Skin toning, Regenerating, Antioxidant, Moisturising._

Botany: Neroli or orange blossom comes from the bigarad tree. The name comes from the princess of Neroli (city near Rome)...

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Latin name: Citrus sinensis.

Properties: Antioxidant, Sebum regulating, Anti-inflammatory, Toning._

Botany: The orange tree has been present in Asia for 4500 years and was cultivated by the Sumerians, later the Egyptians....

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Latin name: Pogostemon cablin.

Properties: Healing, Purifying, Regenerating, Toning, Anti-inflammatory._

Botany: Patchouli comes from a plant from Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. The plant is an aromatic herb.....

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Latin name: Citrus aurantium ssp aurantium.

Properties: Anti-inflammatory, Revitalising, Healing, Sebum regulating._

Botany: The petitgrain comes from the leaves of the bigaradier tree (the bitter orange tree), a tree originally from Asia...

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Latin name: Cananga odorata.

Properties: Anti-inflammatory, Toning, Regenerating, Purifying, Sebum regulating._

Botany: Ylang-ylang is a South Asian tree. The name comes from the Tagalog 'ílang-ilang', meaning the flower of flowers.....

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